“Renoir Sucks at Painting” — A Rising Tide

Last week, valiant lovers of good painting brought The War on Treacle to the very steps of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, demanding the removal of the works of Pierre Auguste Renoir from the walls of the museum.  The demonstration dwarfed previous anti-Renoir actions in Boston and Pasadena, with protestors numbering almost in the dozens, if you count the street vendors at the back of the picture.  (I’ve posted items about the movement here and here and here.)

The Met has not yet set a date for the removal of its Renoirs.

For the first time, though, the treacle fought back.  A misguided young man, possibly in the pay of a foreign power or the pro-diabetes lobby, mounted a counter protest.

One need only read his protest sign to realize how confused and irrational he is.  “You can take our Renoir when you pry them from our cold dead hands.”

Really?  You want to talk about cold dead hands?   I’ll show you cold dead hands.   Click to enbiggen.

As always, all images are from Max Geller’s Renoir Sucks at Painting Instagram account.


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