Billy Elliot the Musical — Live (Sorta) on PBS

Billy Elliot the Musical opened ten years ago, and the year-long anniversary celebration included the taping of a live performance at the show’s West End home, the Victoria Palace Theatre, where it’s still playing.  PBS will broadcast it this Friday, 23 October 2015, beginning at 9 PM EST.

This performance features Liam Mower, the first boy ever to play Billy Elliot on stage in 2005, as “Older Billy”.  It’s a one-off performance for Mower, who shared the Olivier award for best actor with James Lomas and George Maguire, the two other original “Billies”.

“Billy Elliot” then and now.

The broadcast will also bring together 25 current and former Billy Elliots for a number.

Thanks to my brother David, I saw the New York production of Billy Elliot the Musical back in 2008.  Had a happy and memorable evening with David, sister-in-law Sarah, and favourite East Coast niece, Allison.

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