“Renoir Sucks at Painting” — High Noon at the Met

A couple of week ago, only a handful of people were aware of the grassroots movement to demand the removal of the sappy, badly-painted works of Pierre-Auguste Renoir from the nation’s museums.

Then, on Monday, 5 October 2015, a date that may someday be celebrated like Bastille Day or the Fourth of July, a group of art lovers, aroused by Max Geller’s Renoir_Sucks_at_Painting Instagram account, took a stand outside the Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts to let the world know that they’d suffered enough:  Renoir Sucks at Painting, and his treacly monstrosities have to go.  This inspired another “Renoir Sucks at Painting” protest at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena two days later.

The New Yorker wrote about the movement.  The Atlantic did, too.  In the UK, The Guardian and The Telegraph added coverage.  So did the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post.  A national—no, an international—movement was born.

Geller’s Instagram feed went from a few dozen followers to almost 10,000.

And at noon on Saturday, 17 October 2015, the wave will hit the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Here are a couple of examples of Why We Fight, from Max Geller’s Renoir_Sucks_at_Painting Instagram account.  Enbiggen to read the commentary, but you should probably cover the ghastly Renoir paintings when you enlarge the image, to shield yourself from sugar shock.

Awful.  Just awful.

These monstrosities are hanging in “reputable” museums!


2 thoughts on ““Renoir Sucks at Painting” — High Noon at the Met

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