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Sir Frederic Leighton Meets Christian Lacroix, Sweetie Darling

Here’s yesterday’s posting from the London Fashion Week collaboration between the Leighton House Museum and British fashion photographer Ram Shergill, in which Shergill selected paintings by Leighton and linked them to his own work.

“What attracts me to Leighton’s ‘A Noble Lady of Venice’ is the opulence of the garments that the lady is wearing as well as her elegant headscarf.  The detail of the garment draped around her reminds me of the couture designers I am constantly working with, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, and their Zardozi work.  It is also reminds of the great fashion designer Christian Lacroix’s haute couture with lavish and chic costume extravaganzas that still remain wearable.”
—Ram Shergill


Lunch on the Deck

It’s the end of summer, so I won’t be able to do this too much longer.

Had a light lunch on the roof deck this afternoon:   Watermelon, feta, and homegrown basil from one of my windowsills.   Sometimes, simple is best.

Lunch on the Deck

Lunch on the Deck

Bringing Paris Home

Montmarte, by Pixers

Montmarte Vinyl Wall Mural

Isn’t this neat?  It’s by a company called Pixers, which makes wall murals, prints, posters, and stickers.

Here’s a sample of what they can do:

Pixers is a five-year-old company based in Wrocław, Poland.   It has regional offices in Europe and the Americas, but no brick and mortar retail stores–it’s an exclusively on-line operation.