Panda Update

It takes a while for baby pandas to reach that point at which they become irresistibly cute, and make even the grumpiest people smile and go “aaawwwhhh” at the sight of them.  The  panda cub at the National Zoo, born a little more than two weeks ago, is starting to look more like a panda and less like a little pink mole.  His coloring is coming in.  His eyes aren’t yet open, and won’t be, until he’s six to eight weeks old.


When Panda mother Mei Xiang left her den on Saturday, veterinarians and keepers gave the cub another quick checkup.  Everything seems fine so far.  Here’s the Zoo’s  video of part of the examination:

The cub has not yet been named—at the Zoo, pandas are given names when the reach 100 days old.


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