The Last Kingdom — Full Trailer

Here’s the first US trailer for The Last Kingdom, a fictional version of the unification of England by King Alfred the Great. The protagonist in the story is the fictional Uhtred, a Northumbrian who as a boy was captured and raised by Viking invaders.

The Last Kingdom is based on “The Saxon Tales”, an historical novel series by Bernard Cornwell. Eight Saxon Tales books have been published so far, w/a ninth due this Fall.   In the novels, the aged Uhtred describes events that took place decades earlier.

From Wikipedia:  “He intersperses the narrative with often-acerbic comments regarding the events and characters he describes.  It is notable that the Saxon-born Uhtred, baptized Christian three times, has a very critical view of the Christian religion throughout the entire series. Though he took an oath to serve Alfred, he keeps his sympathy to the Danes, their way of life and their gods.  This offers the reader a balanced picture of the conflict of the times, when it was in no way a certainty that there would be an England or Angle-land instead of a “Daneland” as the southern and central parts of the island of Britain.”

No dragons in this one.

The eight-episode series is a collaboration between BBC Two and BBC America.  The US premiere will be on Saturday, 10 October 2015.


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