Traffic Stopper

Yesterday I had lunch at El Tamarindo, my favourite Salvadorean restaurant, and when I left. I saw this:

Wow!  Never seen anything like this before.  Now that is a car.

It’s a three-wheeler. I wish I’d had time to take more (and better) pictures.

Lunch itself was up to El Tamarindo’s usual high standards.



The Ceviche was made with cod and shrimp, Spanish onion. cilantro, celery, and lemon juice.  It was topped with avocado, a fruit that I just don’t get.  The bland taste does nothing for me, and the texture is…unpleasant.

I feel the same way about beets.

Cilantro is a different thing entirely.  I understand that, for some people, cilantro tastes like soap.  Fortunately, I’m not one of those people.  I remember the first time I tasted it–I’d thought that the little green sprig was parsley, or mint, and I was expecting something v different from what I got.  Now I use it with pretty much everything except ice cream.

That gives me an idea….

Especial Intipuca

Especial Intipuca

They call this “Especial Intipuca.”  Intipuca is a city in El Salvador.

As you can see, it contains all of the three basic food groups–steak, chicken, and chorizo.  They were grilled and delicious.

The servings at El Tamarindo are huge.  I always wind up taking half of the meal home, to munch on later.


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