Vidalia — Lunch on 24 June 2015

After my v successful adventure in cheap eats, which left me fond memories of three extraordinary finds, and at least five places that I plan to revisit regularly, I was in the mood for something a little more upscale.  It was time for a trip to an old favourite,  Vidalia.



The crisp, buttermilk-fried oysters were served on a deviled egg aïoli, and came with arugula, pickled vegetables, and a hot sauce vinaigrette.



I had coriander-rubbed swordfish on an English pea purée as my main.  It was adorned with cucumber, pea shoots, and a ramp dumpling. The little dots of red-orange colour are part of the smoked roe vinaigrette.



Dessert was a blue cheese mousse with cherry jam, spiced cashews, and cherry croutons, which I would have called crackers, rather than croutons.

Meals at Vidalia never disappoint.  The quality is uniformly high, as is the level of creativity. There’s always something new and surprising on the menu.


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