“Pretty Colours, Going out of Style”

From the title I gave to the posting, you might have guessed that the “That’s Pitticolour!” video I posted a couple of days ago got me thinking about “Friday,” Joe Jackson’s great song about settling in and giving up.  By the time he wrote it in the late 70s, the Summer of Love and Woodstock, those 60s cosmic explosions of…possibility, had turned out to be endings, not beginnings.

Here he is on Rockpalast, on 14 March 1980, in Cologne, Germany.

For a long time, I shared Joe Jackson’s apparent reluctance to “grow up,” which is just another way of saying “get old.”  I still have traces of that Peter Pan syndrome.

Jackson was 35 when he wrote one of his best songs  This is the official video for “Nineteen Forever,” from the Blaze of Glory album.


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