Mi Cuba Café — Lunch on 3 June 2015

Another fantastic discovery.  I had an errand to do in Columbia Heights, so I checked online for restaurant possibilities.   I found the usual host of upscale casual gastropub-type places, but opted instead for Mi Cuba Café, a small independent Cuban place with a load of rave reviews and a reputation for authenticity.

Mi Cuba Café

Mi Cuba Café

And it was incredibly good.  I’ve found yet another inexpensive little restaurant where the quality and preparation of the food is way out of proportion to the price of the meal.

Cuban-style Roasted Pork

Lechón Asado

This is Lechón Asado. which is Cuban-style roasted pork, smothered in onions.  It was classic.  Next to the pork is a mound of black beans and rice, seasoned with cilantro.  The portions were huge, and, once again, I wound up taking half of the meal home for dinner.

The restaurant is lively and colorful.  Service was attentive and helpful.  I’ll be back frequently.


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