District Fishwife — Lunch on 20 May 2015

The week of eating cheaply continues, as I go in search of some decent fish and chips.  And the search takes us to the District Fishwife, which has a shop in the newish Union Market.

Union Market

Union Market

DC doesn’t have anything like Baltimore’s Lexington Market or Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market. There’s Eastern Market, w/a small number of vendors, and the various Farmers’ Markets that open up around the city for one day a week.

Union Market is an attempt to remedy that deficiency.  It was established by an 50-year-old property development company called EDENS. Inc.,  which creates “friendly, stress free environments with a strategic mix of shopping, dining, and gathering spaces that’s just right for their communities.”

The firm has an admirable track record.

District Fishwife

District Fishwife

District Fishwife has a shop in the Market.  You can buy fresh fish to go, or eat on site.

District Fishwife Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

And here are District Fishwife’s Fish and Chips.   The beer-battered blue catfish fillets were very, very good.  The coating on the fish stayed crisp to the end, and the chips had an unusual, twisty shape.  Another first-rate lunch.

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