El Pollo Rico — Lunch on 18 May 2015

Gonna do a little project.  Each day this week, I’ll be having lunch at a different restaurant I’ve never tried before.  The restaurants will all be “Cheap Eats” places that I’ve heard good things about.  They’ll all be within easy walking distance of a Metro station.  None of them will be part of national chains.  And the meal will cost less than $15.

I already know what my first two stops will be, but I’ll decide on the final three as I go along.

First up:  El Pollo Rico, in Wheaton, Maryland.   This is the place that inspired my plan.  There was a recent posting on Reddit about who makes the best Peruvian chicken in the DC area, and El Pollo Rico seemed to be the consensus choice.

El Pollo Rico

El Pollo Rico

Wheaton used to be a community of white, working class home owners, but in the last 20 years, its demographics have changed.  Hispanics are now the largest  ethnic group, and renters outnumber owners.  The area has developed a range of small, independent restaurants, like the excellent El Pollo Rico.

El Pollo Chicken

El Pollo Rico Chicken

Just look at that chicken!   It’s charcoal broiled, and it was delicious!  Moist, and perfectly seasoned.

As you can see, I opted for the half chicken with two side orders and two sauces.  I paid the 50 cent surcharge for all white meet, which raised the price to…$8.75.   Incredible.  The fries were good, and the beans were seasoned with cilantro, which was a pleasant surprise.

I hadn’t expected the serving to be so huge.  I had the second chicken breast packed to go.

The restaurant lived up to the word of mouth.  It’s a real find.


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