Spandau Ballet — Soul Boys Of The Western World

Writing about Gary and Martin Kemp yesterday got me thinking about Spandau Ballet.  For People of a Certain Age, it’s impossible to hear the first few notes of this song without being mentally transported back to a smoky 1980s club with blue lighting and a mirror ball hanging from the ceiling:

My taste in music was much closer to Athens-Chapel Hill-Austin jangle and to the band Game Theory than to Spandau Ballet and the other New Romantics, but I liked their music, and it was part of the soundtrack of my life.

And now they’re back.  Again.  After temporarily reuniting about five years ago, the band was inactive until last Fall.   Now they’re on another world tour—they’re on their way to New Zealand after finishing one leg of an American tour, but they’ll be back in the States in July.

Not co-incidentally, a biographical documentary called Soul Boys Of The Western World has just been released in the United States.  You can watch it on Amazon.


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