Back in London…

…where travel fatigue had begun to set in.

I had an early lunch at  Addie’s Thai Cafe, a little restaurant that specializes in Bangkok street food, like these delicious fried wontons, stuffed with minced chicken and prawns..,

Addie's pockets

Kio Krob

…and this dish, called “Weeping Tiger,” which was Thai-styled sirloin steak with an aromatic sauce…

Addie's steak

Weeping Tiger

…and then I headed over to Leicester Square, and walked from there to Trafalgar Square, with long stops in the National Portrait Gallery, where I spent a lot of time w/the Tudors and the Victorians, and wondered why the Brontës looked so angry…


Unhappy Sisters

…and in the National Gallery, where I saw the full-sized final version of Lord Leighton’s “Cimabue’s Celebrated Madonna,” which was based on the much smaller preliminary painting that I’d seen at his house a few days earlier…

s Frederic_Leighton_-_Cimabue's_Madonna_Carried_in_Procession_-_Google_Art_Project_2

Image found on the Web

…and which I’ve decided to crop and use as my blog header for a while…

…and at that point, I finally ran out of ellipses.


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