The Little French Restaurant — Lunch on 30 March 2015

Little French

Everybody should have a Little French Restaurant, shouldn’t they?  A neighborhood place, moderately priced, that serves traditional French cuisine.  I’ve got a bunch of them back in Washington:   Montmartre at Eastern Market, Bastille in Alexandria, Brasserie Monte Carlo and Mon Ami Gabi in Bethesda.

I found another Little French Restaurant in London.

Little French Starter

Fresh Marinated Salmon

First course was marinated salmon, with fresh dill, lemon juice, and spices, along w/a small salad.   There was a small scoop of caviar on top of the salmon, initially hidden under the lemon slices.  A nice little surprise when I found it.

Little French pork

Pork Loin

Main was a simple grilled loin of pork, served with honey, soy sauce, and tabasco.

Little French mousse


And of course I ended w/a chocolate mousse.


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