Fortnum & Mason — A Foodie Nirvana

Right across the street from the Royal Academy of Art is Fortnum & Mason, a paradise for Foodies.   Fortnum & Mason is to food what Tiffany is to jewelry.

I spent not-enough-time exploring the Food Hall.

FM door

Fortnum & Mason dates back to 1707, when it was founded by William Fortnum, a footman in the household of Queen Anne, and Hugh Mason, his landlord.  Every hour, models of Fortnum and  Mason emerge from the doors at the side of the clock in the above picture, bow to each other, and then retreat to their starting places.

FM Baskets

Fortnum’s Picnic Hampers

Fortnum’s picnic hampers, filled with wines, cheeses, smoked salmon, and other delicacies, have been popular at places like Ascot ever since they were introduced in the 19th Century.   Standard baskets range from £75 to £500.  Custom hampers can cost thousands.

The basic £75 “Beekeeper” model is on the left, and the £500 “Belgravia” is on the right.  Click to enbiggen for a closer look.  (These two pictures are from the Fortnum’s web site.)

FM Candy


 Some Images from Fortnum’s Beautifully Designed Food Hall

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