Riding the Eye

London Eye

The London Eye

Walked across Westminster Bridge  to South Bank on a rainy Sunday to ride the London Eye, aka the Millennium Wheel, Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel.  I’d wondered why it always seemed motionless when I saw it on MI-5 or Not Going Out, and today I found out.   My perception was wrong.

The Eye rotates constantly—It doesn’t even stop to load or unload passengers, you just stroll on or off while it keeps moving—but at such a slow pace that it seems to be standing still.

London Eye Compartment
The Eye has 32 of these passenger capsules, each capable of holding up to ~25 people.   I imagine that during the high tourist season, the capsules might get filled to capacity, but at this time of year, most of them seemed only a little more than half full.  There are benches in the center of the cars, but you can to “move freely about the cabin” as much as you want.

London Eye Parliament

Looking down on Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey

Tickets for the 30-minute ride cost between ~$25 – $60 for people between 16 and 60, w/the charge depending on a combination of the time, day, rider’s age, fast-track status, and possibly wind-chill factor, blood type, and body temperature.   Just give the people your money.

Look at that view!   Whatever they charge you, it’s worth it.

London Eye Warning

Possibly the least necessary cautionary notices in London.

My London trip continued to go from high point to high point.  In this case, literally.


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