Spring Break 2015 — Off to a Terrible Start

I’d planned everything so well.

Instead of my usual early evening flight to Europe, I booked an 11 PM flight that was scheduled to arrive in London at 10:30 the next morning.  That would put me at my hotel around noon, and allow me to have a leisurely lunch before heading to the V&A, where I had a timed ticket for a 2:30 entry to the sold-out Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition.  After that, I’d return to the hotel and go straight to bed, to sleep off the combination of jet lag and 20+ hours of wakefulness.

The best laid plans….

The pilot called them “minor mechanical problems, which we hope to resolve in the next half hour.”   The pilot proved unrealistically optimistic.  Shortly after 2 AM—2 AM—we were told that we’d be transferring to another plane.   We left Dulles shortly before 3 AM.  My first-day-in-London plan were down the tube.

But after that, I had an incredibly rich and rewarding visit to England.  I’ll be posting about it for the next couple of weeks.


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