Let the Right One In on Stage

Why Didn’t I Know about This?

Let the Right One In is my favourite movie of the 21st Century.   I think the famous swimming pool segment is one of the most stunning, brilliantly composed scenes in all of film, right up there w/the shower scene in Psycho.

And yet I somehow missed knowing that A) the National Theatre of Scotland had created a critically acclaimed stage version of Let the Right One In, and that B) after its successful London run, it played at St. Ann’s Warehouse in New York for another seven weeks.

“Had i but known…” as they say in Gothic romance novels.

It’s a bit strange seeing adults play Oskar and Eli, although, of course, adults have been playing Romeo and Juliet for centuries.  And many of the 30ish actors who play high school kids on American TV shows would be arrested on suspicion if they ever started hanging out near school playgrounds.   (There were rumours that Gabrielle Carteriss, who played a 16-year-old on the original 90210, once brought her granddaughter to the set, but I never believed them.)

I’m twelve.  But I’ve been twelve for a long time.”


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