The Lauren Bacall Estate Sale

Back in November, I posted an item about John Lennon’s 10-room apartment in The Dakota being put on the market for $14,500,000.   (It’s still listed as “Active,” btw.)   I noted that Lauren Bacall’s nine-room, Central Park-facing apartment in the same building was also for sale, at $26,000,000.

Bonham’s in New York will be holding an auction of the contents of the apartment on 31 March 2015 and 1 April 2015.  You can browse through the items for sale, order a print version of the catalogue, or download a (free, but very slow loading) PDF version of the full catalogue at the Bonham’s site.

The following photos of Ms. Bacall’s co-op are from the catalogue.
INbacalldakota15 10bacalldakota15 8bacalldakota15 bacalldakota15


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