Tujague’s — Lunch on 11 February 2015

Tujague’s is legendary.  Founded in 1856, it’s been around for 159 years now, making it the second oldest restaurant in New Orleans.  It must be doing something right.

But I was a little disappointed, and it was at least partially my fault.



The restaurant is just steps from Jackson Square.

Tojague Shrimp Remoulade

Shrimp Remoulade

Boiled shrimp served over lettuce with traditional red remoulade sauce.  Loved the shrimp w/remoulade sauce, but the salad was nondescript.

Tojague Entree

“A Taste of New Orleans”

A sampler of Crawfish Étouffée, Shrimp Creole with Grits Cake, and Red Beans and Rice.  And this is where I think I went wrong.  Instead of ordering something like Tujague’s signature Boiled Brisket of Beef, I opted for the “Taste of…” combo, which was a touristy thing to do.

It wasn’t a bad meal, but neither was it memorable.  And considering the curve on which I’m grading New Orleans food, it fell short.


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