Drago’s — Lunch on 10 February 2015

I first visited Drago’s a year ago. on the recommendation of my Colorado relatives, who had discovered it during an earlier trip to New Orleans.  Drago’s is famous for its charbroiled oysters, made with garlic butter, herbs, and Parmesan cheese.
Drago's Oysters
You know how some amusement parks have warning signs that say something like You Must Be 48″ Tall to Ride This Attraction?  (I once saw one that read You Must Be 48′ Tall to Ride This Attraction.  I suppose they were expecting Godzilla.)

Anyhow, Drago’s should have a similar warning about having a cholesterol level below a certain maximum to eat their charbroiled oysters, not for the oysters themselves, but for the addictive garlic butter sauce that they float on.


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