…and Now I’m Back

Washington, DC is a beautiful, fascinating city, rich in history and culture.   It escaped the Great Recession largely untouched, and, in the past decade, it has become one of the most attractive American cities for Millennials.  Neighborhoods that were once scary and unsafe have blossomed into thriving restaurant and entertainment zones.  Since the beginning of the 21st Century, pretty much all of the positive social and economic indicators have risen, some of them dramatically.  Washington has become younger, richer, and more diverse.

But it’s a terrible place to spend February.

So, as I did last year, I took a mid-Winter break and headed for New Orleans, looking for warm green.  I think next year I’ll try another city for my escape from the ice.   Maybe Charleston or Savannah.  Or possibly Key West.   Or…Havana.

I’ll be posting New Orleans notes and pictures through the next week.

I’ll have plenty of time to do it, because it’s too damn cold to go outside.


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