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DCGB Kitchen and Bar — Lunch on 21 January 2015

2015 Winter Restaurant Week, Day 3

Today’s lunch was at Daniel Boulod‘s French-American DCGB Kitchen and Bar.   Boulud has won James Beard Foundation awards for “Outstanding Restaurant,” “Outstanding Restaurateur,” “Best Chef, New York City,” and “Outstanding Chef of the Year.”  You’ve probably seen him as a guest judge on Top Chef.

An Aside:   Remember Project Runway?   For a few years—the Bravo Years, 2004–2008—it had a rabid following, but it eventually alienated its fans because of the judges’ atrocious decisions in cases like the infamous Gretchen Jones — Mondo Guerra fiasco.

I mention Project Runway in contrast to Top Chef.   In its entire history—and I was surprised to see it’s still on the air—Project Runway has never discovered a designer who advanced to a much higher level of recognition than he/she had at the start of the season.  Top Chef, on the other hand, has produced dozens of chefs who have graduated from local to regional or even national fame.

OK, back to DBGB….

DBGB has only been open a few months, but it’s yet another restaurant on the Washingtonian’s 2015 “100 Very Best Restaurants” list.


DCGB Kitchen and Bar

The look and feel here is playful, upscale, casual.  The walls and the floor-to-ceiling windows are inscribed w/quotations from famous food-lovers, from Ferran Adrià to Anthony Bourdain to Groucho Marx.

DBGB soup

Roasted Squash Soup

The Roasted Squash Soup, w/garam masala, pepita, pumpkin seed oil, and a bit of cilantro, was so beautifully presented that I almost felt guilty for disturbing it w/a spoon.

DBGB burger

The Frenchie

They call this “The Frenchie.”  It’s described as a “7 ounce beef patty with confit pork belly, arugula (Surprise! — BC), tomato-onion compote, and morbier cheese, on a potato bun, with cornichon, mustard, and fries.”

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the best hamburger in the world is Yo-Mama’s World-Famous Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger, available only at Yo-Mama’s Bar and Grill in New Orleans.  If you think I’m joking, check TripAdvisor or some other restaurant review site.  The Frenchie wasn’t on that level, but it was v good.  It would have been better if it hadn’t lost some of its heat because it apparently sat in the kitchen a little too long.

DBGB dessert

Chocolate Sacher

Chocolate and Raspberry.  Two of my favourite flavours.

Service was slow, and the waiter apologized repeatedly, saying something about “the system” being down.   I didn’t care, because I was next to a window and had a sweet view of a light snow falling on Washington.

DBGB snow

A Snowy Day in Washington