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Bracket Room — Lunch on 15 January 2015

No way in the world am I a “Sports Bar” kinda guy.  But every once in a while, I get a hankering for first-rate bar food, and the Bracket Room, w/its dozens of big screen TV showing dozens of events, offers some of the best bar food in Northern Virginia.

(Note my use of “kinda guy” and “hankering.”  Just trying to blend into the environment, bro).

Bracket Room

The Bracket Room

Bracket Room Chicken

Chicken Tenders

Nothing frozen here.   The Bracket Room boasts about the freshness of its chicken.   The coating was beautifully crunchy.  I got a honey-mustard dip.

Bracket Room Fries


Not just fries, but Chef Tony’s truffle fries, double blanched and dusted w/seasonings and sea salt.


Washington’s Metrorail system is kept meticulously free of graffiti.  This seems to have sneaked past system maintenance.  Or maybe CareFirst just has really good benefits.


Seen on a Metro Blue Line Train.