Hear the New Belle And Sebastian Album NOW, a Week before It’s Released

Thank you, National Public Radio!

Belle and Sebastian is about to release its first album in five years, and NPR is streaming it now. The album—why do we still call them “albums”?—is entitled Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance. After a couple of listens, I’m still a bit surprised.  It’s unmistakably Belle and Sebastian, but it’s different from the Belle and Sebastian of the brilliant, devastating music of the late 90s.   There’s some beautiful stuff here, but be prepared for an unexpected dose of Erasure-esque synth-pop.

Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance goes on sale on 20 January 2015.

“Years and years ago, when I was a boy, when there were wolves in Wales,” I used to spend two or three or four nights a week at the 9:30 Club.  Now I rarely go out for live music.  It takes something really special to get me out these days.  Something like Neutral Milk Hotel or Sufjan Stevens or Stephin Merritt.

Or Belle and Sebastian.


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