Lunch at Ilona Stüberl

Ilona Stüberl is a wonderful Hungarian restaurant a few blocks from the Stephansplatz, which is the central square in Vienna.   Stephansplatz and the area around it form a lively pedestrianized retail area full of well-known international upscale brands.  The area gets its name from the Stephansdom, Vienna’s cathedral, which sits in its center.


Ilona Stüberl

Ilona Stüberl is a small restaurant—there are only 25 seats inside—founded by a Hungarian couple in the late 1950s.  It’s another friendly place that mixes a cosmopolitan clientele with what seemed like a lot of local patrons.  The Ilona Stüberl menu is available in eight languages, but several patrons were clearly regulars, greeting the server by name.

Ilona bisquits


The contents of the bread basket are usually a pretty good indicator of the quality of the meal to follow.   I wish I’d asked if these biscuits haves a name, because they were marvelous.   From my web search, I think they’re called Pogácsa, which is a traditional Hungarian cheese biscuit.

Ilona Soup

“Jókai” bean soup

“Jókai” is a traditional Hungarian bean soup, made w/smoked pork hock, smoked sausages, and pinto beans.  And, since it’s Hungarian, sour cream and paprika.

Ilona chicken

Paprika Chicken with gnocchi

Nicely done Paprika Chicken.  Another over-sized serving.


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