It’s a Terrible Movie

It’s Christmas Eve, so it’s time for my annual rant about what might be the most pernicious and damaging movie ever made:   It’s a Wonderful Life.

Think about it.  Because the movie’s copyright was not properly renewed, television stations treated it as if it were in the public domain, and ran it almost continuously from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  This went on for decades, subjecting generations of impressionable children to its toxic plot.

George Bailey runs an S&L staffed by his incompetent relatives, and peddles sub-prime mortgages to people with bad credit, ignoring the sound monetary principles of Banker Potter.  When his bad management (see nepotism, above) inevitably leads to a financial collapse, it takes intervention from a higher power to try to set things right.

Instead of going to jail where he belongs, George Bailey is saved by conning even more money from his impoverished victims.

Sound familiar?  Those impressionable children grew up emulating George Bailey, with disastrous results.   George Bailey’s protegés caused the collapse of the housing market and the ensuing Great Recession.

It’s because of George Bailey that Millennials can’t move out of the basements their parents’ houses.  The houses w/the under-water mortgages.

George Bailey single-handedly destroyed the middle class in America.

The moral is that the world would be a much better place if George Bailey had never been born.

(Plus, Potterville looks like it would be a lot more fun than Bailey’s Crossroads.)


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