Last Into the Woods Post before Christmas

Two final items, and then no more Into the Woods postings until after the holidays.  The movie’s release is only a few days away, so it’s time for me to start obsessing about something else.  I hear there’s a show called Better Call Saul that I might be interested in catching….

Anyhow, here’s the lead from The Hollywood Reporter’s excellent “Making of…” article about Into the Woods.  Entitled Perverted Wolves, Cheating Wives and a Fired 10-Year-Old: The Dark Path to Disney’s ‘Into the Woods’, it’s a must-read.


And finally, Disney has released two more snippets from the movie:

1 thought on “Last Into the Woods Post before Christmas

  1. Invisible Mikey

    We’ve already seen it (WGA members), and I think you will love it. Unlike some of uneven performances in recent musicals like Les Miserables, or the Tim Burton Sweeney Todd, the singing is at a uniformly high level of quality, even from Chris Pine (Cinderella’s prince). Streep, who sang well in Mamma Mia, has some outstanding numbers. Sure, it’s Disney, and they did sanitize and cut some, but at least it was in collaboration with the show’s original authors.


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