Rondellus in Praise of St. Nicholas

Seasonally appropriate, in a way.  The images, while distinctly non-Christmassy, refer to legends about the life of the historical Saint Nicholas, a 4th Century Bishop of Myra, in what is now Turkey.   See the Legends and Folklore section of his Wikipedia article for details, which are fascinating.

The music is sung by Ensemble Peregrina, a Swiss-based group dedicated to the performance of early medieval vocal music.

“The name ‘peregrina’, the wanderer, alludes to the transmission of music and ideas throughout Europe in the Middle Ages, but also reflects the personal journeys of the singers themselves. The ensemble members (coming from Poland, Switzerland, France, Finland, and Estonia) together achieve a dynamic balance through their differing origins, and they unite to emulate the interaction and convergence of the cultures and histories of the music they perform.”
—from the website.

The song, “Gaudeat Ecclesia,” is available on a CD called Miracula: Medieval Music for Saint Nicholas.


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