Allen & Alinea

I see that the & Julia video I posted about a few days ago has already been removed, presumably for copyright violation.  The source for the “Julie” part of the movie Julie & Julia was Julie Powell’s blog—later revised and published as a book—in which she described her year-long project of attempting to cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Now Allen Hemberger has done something similar, but vastly more complex:   He’s cooked his way through Grant Achatz’s Alinea cookbook.   It took five years.

I’m honestly surprised that it could be done at all.  I have a copy of Alinea.  It’s a beautiful book, with superb photography.   The recipes are not simplified or diluted; they are well beyond the capabilities of even the most skillful of home cooks.   These are the recipes that are actually used at Achatz’s Alinea restaurant in Chicago, which is generally considered one of the best  in the United States world.

I’m looking at Alinea’s “Guava” recipe.  It consists of nine components, and, by my count, 59 ingredients.  I would think that Chef would need a well-staffed professional kitchen to even consider making the dish.

Hemberger’s beautifully illustrated blog is linked above.  He had a successful Kickstarter campaign to finance publication of a book about the project, which is in the final stages of pre-publication.


From Allen Hemberger’s “The Alinea Project”.

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