Panda on the Prowl

Finally made it to the National Zoo, to see the baby panda.  Bao Bao is more than a year old now, so maybe “baby” is the wrong term.

In any case, Bao Bao and her mother, who live in the same enclosure, were endlessly entertaining.  Bao Bao seemed particularly adventurous, playing with her plastic doughnut, attempting to climb trees, and rolling down the hill, stopping only for an occasional snack.

She eats shoots and leaves….



Just…insanely cute.  I have no idea how long we stayed—I was with my visiting brother and sister-in-law, David and Sarah—but it difficult to tear ourselves away.

David and Sarah

David and Sarah.  (NB:  Those are not real pandas in the background.)

The National Zoo offers 24-hour-a-day live coverage of the pandas through the online Pandacams.  They sleep a lot–you’re best chance of seeing them in action is late morning or early afternoon, East Coast time.


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