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Taking a Little Break

Posting will resume ~5 December.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Into the Woods — Some Early Notes

Disney Studios hosted a bi-coastal sneak preview of Into the Woods last night, with simultaneously screenings in New York and at Disney Studios in Burbank.  Reviews of the film are embargoed until mid-December, but Pete Hammond has posted a long, detail-rich article titled “Into The Woods” Sings Its Way Straight Into The Oscar Race at Deadline Hollywood.  There was a post-screening Q&A featuring director Rob Marshall, screenwriter James Lapine, and cast members Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Christine Baranski, Tracy Ullman, Chris Pine, and James Corden.

It’s v much worth reading!

Hammond mentions the aborted Penny Marshall plan to film Into the Woods back in the 90s. Looking at the cast list, I stand by the comment I posted last year:


Sunday Morning — Pre-Raphaelite of the Week


Prioress’s Tale Wardrobe

This is the “Prioress’s Tale Wardrobe,” which was designed by Philip Webb and decorated by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, with scenes from the Prioress’s Tale from The Canterbury Tales.

Burne-Jones’s gave the wardrobe as a wedding present to William Morris and  Jane Burden in 1858.   Jane Burden appears twice on the wardrobe; she was the model for the Virgin, and is also depicted on the right hand door.

The wardrobe is now in the Ashmolean Museum, at Oxford.

Sprout “Creativity Station”

Doesn’t it look amazing?   It’s HP’s new Sprout “Creativity Station,” and it feels next generation.

Two problems, though.  The Sprout costs $1900, while a basic PC/laptop/tablet that fulfills my computing needs, as opposed to my computing fantasies, costs much less.  Come to think of it, though, that price is comparable to what was the standard price for the primitive 20th Century PCs of the 80s and 90s.

The second problem is more crucial.  Although the Creativity Station video doesn’t mention it, creativity is not included.