Daily Archives: 24 October 2014

New Eye Candy from One Direction

I genuinely love One Direction videos.   A new one came out today.

It opens w/a shot of a trailer parked in the desert, vaguely reminiscent of Breaking Bad’s iconic RV meth lab.  The five members of One Direction are waiting for their man—“the greatest artist of his generation, apparently”—who will be directing their new video.  A convertible pulls up, and out comes….  Well, ya gotta watch the video to find out.  Before you know it, the video brings on the sumo wrestlers, a monkey (in sunglasses), a marching band, and much more.

There’s a word that perfectly describes it:  “Felliniesque”.  You can easily imagine Fellini himself directing this circus.

And then there’s the music.  It’s standard, throwaway pop, part of the grand tradition that dates all the way back to the first British boy band to gain massive international success, despite bland and forgettable lyrics like “She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah” and “I wanna hold your hand”.  I  don’t remember what that band was called, and whatever happened to them, but we’ve come a long way.  One Direction’s lyrics are obviously vastly more sophisticated than the pedestrian efforts of their ancient predecessors.

But it’s not about the music.   It’s about the look.   And it looks phenomenal.