2001 Remastered

It’s the movie that’s been remastered, not the year itself, unfortunately.

I just mentioned 2001: A Space Odyssey a couple of days ago, and now I’ve discovered that the British Film Institute is presenting a digitally restored release of the movie as part of its Days of Fear and Wonder celebration.  And ahead of the re-release, the BFI and Warner Bros. have produced a new trailer, which Stanley Kubrick’s executive producer, Jan Harlan, calls “the best trailer for this film I have ever seen!”

It’s loaded w/spoilers, but, since the movie is almost 50 years old, that doesn’t matter, does it?   If you haven’t seen 2001 by now, you should really consider what you’re doing w/your life.

The bad news:    The movie will premier at the Leeds International Film Festival on 18 November 2014, then go into limited release on giant screens throughout the UK and Ireland on 28 November 2014.   No US release has been announced.

The good news:   We’re bound to get it eventually.


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