Daily Archives: 16 October 2014

The October Project — #6

Part of a series of found photographs showing strange, eerie, and abandoned places.

Ferris Wheel a

Ferris Wheel.  Photo found on the Web.


The Art of Anna Burns and Michael Bodiam

This is described as a collaborative photographic series by Anna Burns and photographer Michael Bodiam, but beyond that, I’m not sure just what it is.   It’s called “Silent but Violent”, and Anna Burns’ difficult-to-navigate website lists a limited edition print run of 100 books under that title.   It’s described on the site as:   “Anna’s collaboration with 3 still life photographers indulging her preoccupation with all things combustible”.  The images echo mushroom clouds, but are composed of peaceful elements like balloons and flowers.

Is there a related exhibition, or is the book the entire project?  I can’t find an answer.


All photos from Anna Burns and Michael Bodiam.


All photos from Anna Burns and Michael Bodiam.


All photos from Anna Burns and Michael Bodiam.