The Empire Strikes Back Uncut

This is really clever!  It’s a fan-made, shot-for-shot remake of Lucasfilm’s The Empire Strikes Back,

Lucasfilm’s Casey Pugh divided The Empire Strikes Back into 470 15-second segments, and invited fans to remake any of the segments in any format they chose.  He wound up w/more that 1,500 submissions, which he then pieced together, recreating (literally re-creating) the original film.  The result is hilarious.

The fans took him at his word.  Some segments are live action, some are animated.  In the course of a single scene, Princess Leia can change from a line drawing to a 6-year-old girl to a Lego character to a rather large, bearded gentleman to a puppet.

The resulting film is probably best watched in short, random segments.

Like the original film. The Empire Strikes Back Uncut is a sequel.   Five years ago, Pugh and Lucasfilm did the same thing w/Star Wars.  The resulting Star Wars Uncut won a special Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media.  You can watch it here.


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