The October Project — #2

Part of a series of found photographs showing strange, eerie, and abandoned places.


The Bennett School for Girls

This is Halcyon Hall, the 200-room main building of the late Bennett College (née “The Bennett School for Girls”).  I was able to find out quite a bit about it.

Halcyon Hall was built in Millbrook, New York, in the 1890s as a resort hotel, which failed around the turn of the Twentieth Century.  It then became the home of Bennett College, which had begun as a finishing school called “The Bennett School for Girls”.  The original school offered a six-year course, which was the equivalent of four years of high school and two years of college.  Around the time of the move, it dropped the high school program and became a two-year college.  In its prime, it was v fashionable.

It lasted until 1978.  Declining interest in single-sex education and an overly ambitious building program led to its bankruptcy.

The building has been scheduled for demolition several times, and has suffered much more extensive damage since the above picture was taken, but the remains are still standing.  It has become a frequent stomping ground for urban explorers.

You can see more images of the exterior and interior at this Flikr site.


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