Ceiba — Lunch on 16 September 2014

I heard that Ceiba, an urban Latin restaurant that I’ve been meaning to try for quite a while, is closing at the end of the month, after 11 years in DC.   So I went there for lunch today, and now I’m really annoyed.  It was first rate, and I wish I’d gone a long time ago.



It’s a big restaurant–I didn’t explore, but I noticed at least three dining areas.  Ceiba has the feeling of a colonial club, w/a variety of widely spaced small tables and large chairs.  The White House is three or four blocks away.

It’s pronounced “Say-ba”, btw.

Ceiba Octopus

Grilled Octopus

My starter was a spicy grilled octopus w/a rich gazpacho vinaigrette, topped w/black olive aioli and queso fresco, which is a creamy, soft, white cheese.  Octopus seems to have replaced calamari as my default appetizer these days.

Cieba Tilapia


The main was pumpkin seed crusted tilapia covered w/marinated vegetables, on fufu mash–that’s mashed yams.  The crunchy, nutty coating of the tilapia was a real treat, and infinitely better that my own home-cooked version.

Delightful meal!  I’ll try to get back to Ceiba at least one more time before it closes.


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