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The End of Utopia. For Now.

Last night, Channel 4 (UK) ran the stunning final episode of the second series of Utopia, which is the best TV show to come out of the UK in years.  This show is like nothing else on television–it’s Mad Men/Game of Thrones good.  It must return for a final series!

Utopia is not to be confused w/the “reality” TV show of the same name that will run on Fox this Fall–there’s no connection.  It will, however, get an American re-make on HBO, probably in 2015.

No spoilers for season 2, but here’s a funny tribute by YouTuber thebillygodfrey, a fan.

Warning:  Violence, language.

Both series are available on 4oD, the Channel 4 (UK) on-demand service.


Solving the Maze

After lunch on Monday, I walked over to the National Building Museum to explore the museum’s new installation, “The BIG Maze”.  The maze, which at its highest reaches 18 feet, was constructed by the Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group, informally known as “BIG”, and will only be around until Labor Day.


Interior of the National Building Museum


At the Center of the Maze

When I was v young, and under the influence of British mystery writers and film makers, I though that someday I’d have a topiary maze.  I also planned to have a secret passage that led from one room to another.  It’s rather hard to pull this off in a city condo.

Solving the Maze was a lot of fun.  When you’re inside it, you find yourself speeding up as you search for the center.

Here’s a video of the construction.

Cedar — Lunch on 11 August 2014

And it’s 2014 Summer Restaurant Week(s)!

As usual, I’m mixing visits to old favorites and trips to explore potential new ones.  My first stop this summer was Cedar, a restaurant which has made me v happy many, many times.




Heirloom Tomatoes: Five Ways

Exactly what the description says: Heirloom Tomatoes, Five Ways.  The salad included fried green tomatoes, curd, smoked gel, Bloody Mary sorbet, and simple, marinated sliced tomatoes w/herb feta and balsamic.  The contrasting heat and textures in this variation on a theme  was stupendous.  This was high art, and this was why I love Cedar.


Wild Game Meatloaf Sandwich

What could be homier than a meatloaf sandwich?  But what if the meat in the meatloaf was a mixture of wild boar, venison, and bison, topped with wild mushrooms and served on a roll w/red curry ketchup and tarragon aioli?  A spicy reconstruction of a classic comfort food.


Fried Banana Cheesecake

The Fried Banana Cheesecake was wrapped in pastry and served w/guava gel and pastry cream. I never know what to do w/the mint in a dessert.

Cedar consistently surprises me w/new taste sensations, and it has never let me down.  This is one of my v favorite restaurants.  What I wrote about it last time—“Excellent, excellent, excellent”—still stands