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Grant Wood at the NASDAQ

Grant Wood at the NASDAQ

Grant Wood at the NASDAQ.  Photo from Art Daily, by Timothy A. Clary.

A huge reproduction of Grant Wood’s “American Gothic, 1930” decorates the front of the NASDAQ building in New York.  The subjects’ lack of joy is appropriate, considering what’s happened to the market recently.

The NASDAQ display is part of “Art Everywhere US: A Very Very Big Art Show”, which boasts of being the largest outdoor art show ever.  It’s a collaboration between five major art museums and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.  The show will display 58 key American artworks on 50,000 billboards and other public spaces nationwide, and will run through August.

The above link includes a gallery of all the works in the show, w/short descriptive notes, and an interactive map that lets you locate the nearest installations.