Lou Reed Died Today

The Velvet Underground & Nicoalbum-Lou-Reed-Transformer76664-lou-reed-berlin

This one really hurts.

Lou Reed, generally regarded as one of the most influential singer-songwriters of the last 50 years, died this weekend at 71.  His band, The Velvet Underground, foreshadowed most of the musical genres that developed over the 30 years following the release of its first  album, the Andy Warhol-produced The Velvet Underground & Nico:  psychedelia, glam, goth, industrial, punk, grunge, alternative, it’s all there.  The album still tops many critics’ lists as the greatest rock album ever.

No one is sure whether it was Brian Eno or REM’s Peter Buck who said that “Only 10,000 people originally bought the first Velvet Underground album, but every single one of them went out and started a band”, but the thought rings so true that it has become the definitive statement about Lou Reed and the Velvets.

Perfect Day

“Perfect Day” is probably Lou Reed’s most frequently covered song.  Here’s the (audio only) original:

Perfect Cover

And, from the BBC, here’s the perfect cover version:


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