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The Best Internet Utility of 2013

This will significantly improve your quality of life.

One of the most annoying things about the Internet is slideshows–those irritating attempts to generate page hits by spreading content over multiple screens instead of just listing it on a single page.  (Looking at you, Huffington Post.)

But now, thanks to a nameless techie who deserves one of those MacArthur Foundation Genius Grants, you can get all the information you need about “The 27 Best Cities for Millennial Vegetarian Singles with Intimacy Issues” without clicking the “Next” button 26 times. (Looking at you, too, San Francisco Chronicle.)

Go to the Deslide site.   Drag the Deslide bookmarklet to a prominent place on you Bookmarks or Favorites list.  When you open a page with a slideshow, just click the bookmarklet. The slideshow will be parsed for easy reading. (Staring intently in your direction, Entertainment Weekly.)

Here are a couple of pages you can use for test runs:

‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’: 20 New Images!

10 Summer TV Winners and Losers

(Added on 4 October 2013) The San Francisco Chronicle might be the worse slide-abuser on the net. Today they posted this 100 screen slideshow.

How to Spot a Future Classic

This sort of nonsense should be treated as a crime against humanity.