Daily Archives: 14 September 2013

Lunch at Stoney’s, and “Torch Song Trilogy” at the Source.

Stopped into Stoney’s for a quick lunch before the matinee performance of Torch Song Trilogy at the Source.  Stoney’s is a classic neighborhood joint, and for a long time, the neighborhood was pretty dicey.  There were (and are) a number of good theatres on nearby 14th Street, and walking home from them late at night through empty, dimly-lit streets was a little threatening.

That turned around a few years ago.  Whole Foods moved in, upscale condos filled the vacant lots, and 14th Street developed into one of the most vibrant, exciting restaurant strips in Washington.  In this new environment, Stoney’s continues to thrive.

Chicken Tenders and Fries

Chicken Tenders and Fries

As for Torch Song Trilogy, what I saw of it was brilliant.  But 20 years of heavy internet use has so destroyed my attention span that I simply could not sit still for a three hour and 45 minute production.  I had to leave after the second act.

Maybe I should have taken a laptop to the theatre, so I could multitask.  I suspect, though, that that would been frowned upon, even if I promised to turn the volume down during the quieter parts of the play.