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“Neverwhere” at the Rorschach Theatre



Neverwhere started as a television play written by Neil Gaiman. Because he was dissatisfied with the production, he wrote the novel version. And now the novel has been turned into a theatrical presentation, beautifully brought to life by the Rorschach Theatre Company.

It’s the story of a quest by some of the people–both “real” and fantastical–who occupy Under London.

“Fantastical” also applies to the costumes and staging at Rorschach.  You can see a small sampling of the costumes in the pictures below.  The staging was as dazzling
as the costumes:  It was in the round, in a large black-box theatre.  The action took place not just in front of you, but behind you, above you, and next to you.  Parts of the theatre doubled as bridges, offices, towers, and vaults.  There were times when the cast literally climbed the walls.

Last year, I spent three hours exploring the ~100 rooms in the acclaimed New York theatrical presentation of Sleep No More.  In a way, Neverwhere was similar.  But it was much more fun.

Neverwhere -- From Rorschach Theatre

Neverwhere Cast — Photo from Rorschach Theatre

Neverwhere -- From Rorschach Theatre 1

More of the Neverwhere Cast — Photo from Rorschach Theatre