Another “Game of Thrones” Theme Cover

I seem to be collecting cover versions of the Game of Thrones theme.  This rock/metal version is by Santiago Rodriguez Almenara, aka SROD, who was born in Venezuela and lives in Canada.

Here are some of the other covers of the GoT theme that I posted earlier.  And here’s the posting about 2Cellos, who have a similar sound to this version.

Sunday Morning — Victoriana of the Week

William Morris Bed

The William Morris Bed

This is the famous William Morris bed, from Morris’s room at Kelmscott Manor.  The carved oak bed itself dates back to the early 17th century, but the embroidered valance and bed-hangings were designed in 1891 by Morris’s daughter, May Morris.

The poem embroidered on the pelmet is by Morris himself, and is entitled “Inscription for an Old Bed”.  It reads:

“The wind’s on the wold
And the night is a-cold,
And Thames runs chill
‘Twixt mead and hill.
But kind and dear
Is the old house here
And my heart is warm
Midst winter’s harm”.

The William Morris bed was exhibited at the Tate a few years ago, and in the following video, Tate curator Alison Smith describes the craftsmanship behind creating the bed, in particular the contribution of May Morris.

Belga Café — Lunch on 18 July 2014

Belga Cafe

Belga Café

Pleasant al fresco lunch today at Belga Café, near Eastern Market.  Not surprisingly, the Belga Café offers Belgian cuisine.

The café is on 8th Street SE in DC, which is informally known as Barracks Row, because the Marine Barracks is located here.

Duck Raviolis

Duck Confit Raviolis

The Duck Confit Raviolis were a little disappointing.  The menu said “Fried Brussels sprouts”, but there were only a couple of Brussels sprout leafs in the dish.

Teres Major

Grilled Teres Major Steak

The grilled Teres Major steak was fine.  (Teres Major, I discovered, is a shoulder cut).  It came w/a mixed greens salad topped w/blue cheese sauce.  The little containers of catsup and mayonnaise were for the excellent frites, pictured below.




Belga Café Glace

Vanilla ice cream, speculoos (spiced shortcrust biscuit), vanilla ice cream, chocolate pearls, whipped cream, and espresso.  With a raspberry on top.

All in all, an OK meal, but not particularly memorable.  The weather was beautiful, though, so lunch was fine.

“Shakespeare In Love” — The Play.

Shakespeare In Love has been adapted for the stage by Lee Hall (Billy Elliot) from the screenplay by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard.  It’s currently in previews at the Noël Coward Theatre in London, w/an official opening on 23 July 2014.

Some people thought Saving Private Ryan should have won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1999.  I always preferred Shakespeare In Love.  The first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan were brilliant, but after that, there wasn’t really all that much to the movie that hadn’t been done–many times–before.  Shakespeare In Love had a superb script and a surprising, original plot.  When it won the Best Picture Oscar, it was a triumph of wit and charm over testosterone.

The US opening of the play has not yet been scheduled, but I suspect we won’t have long to wait.

Shakespeare-In-Love-5---Lucy-Briggs-Owen-as-Viola-with-Company.-Photo-by-Johan-Persson   q

Lucy -Briggs Owen as Viola, with ensemble. Photo by Johan Persson